DBT for Binge Eating

DBT for Binge Eating

DBT skills training has been shown to be an effective treatment for eating disorders, particularly binge eating.You will benefit from DBT for Binge Eating if you:

  • Use food to alleviate distress or intense emotions
  • Have difficulty asking for things or saying “no” to others resulting in mindless eating
  • Turn to food for comfort or distraction
  • Feel numb while bingeing—like you’re not really there or you’re on auto-pilot
  • Feel guilty, hopeless, or shame after overeating

DBT for Binge Eating will teach group members how to regulate their emotions and tolerate distress without turning to food. The group will also help you to:

  • Learn to eat mindfully
  • Identify what emotion you are experiencing and gain skills to regulate those emotions without turning to food
  • Decrease mindless eating, cravings, urges, preoccupation with food
  • Develop new skills to deal with intense feelings and life-stressors

Our group meets weekly for 90 minutes. Group members learn skills tailored for binge eating based on the four modules of DBT: Core Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Emotion Regulation and Distress Tolerance. New skills are presented each group and homework is assigned for individuals to practice during the week.

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