Eating Disorder Group

Eating Disorder Group

The purpose of this group is to provide a safe space where individuals working on their Eating Disorder recovery can encourage, give and receive support from one another. The group will allow its members to reflect on and explore their interpersonal skills and how they relate to recovery, as well as process current struggles and areas of growth in recovery. The ultimate purpose is to promote recovery by exploring the interpersonal impact and function of the Eating Disorder.

The group will be made up of 4-7 participants ages 18 and up. The group will meet once weekly for 90 minutes.

You will benefit from this group if you:

  1.     Are in recovery from an ED
  2.     Want a safe space to process ED-related thoughts and feelings
  3.     Are looking to receive support from others who are also in recovery
  4.     Have an individual outside therapist whom you are actively working with

The Group will help you to:

  1.     Create a sense of support through peer relationships
  2.     Begin to reflect on and explore your interpersonal skills and how they relate to recovery
  3.     Process what you are currently struggling with and working on in your recovery

Email Emma Demar the group leader for more information.