Fertility, Pregnancy & Parenthood

Fertility, Pregnancy, and Parenthood

Fertility, pregnancy, and parenthood are defining events in a woman’s life. They are joyous, nerve-wracking
and thrilling  changes  that  affect  not  only  the  woman  herself,  but  also  her  partner  and  the relationship.

Whether you are  planning  to  get  pregnant,  struggling  with  infertility,  currently  pregnant,  transitioning  into
parenthood, or struggling in the postpartum period – each  and  every  stage  is  accompanied  by  a  myriad  of
emotional emotional ups and downs.

At IntrinPsych Woman, we have experience in navigating all of these issues and will work with  you  to  support  you
through this process, helping you gather the psychological and physiological resources you need to successfully make
your way through this important period in your life.