Young Adults

Young Adults (College and Beyond)

We are all told from early in our lives that adolescence is difficult, painful and confusing – but time limited.
Recent  reclassifications  of  this   developmental  stage  have   suggested  that   issues   common  to
adolescence continue far longer than we thought – through the age of 25. This means that the process
of  identity  formation  that begins in early adolescence endures much longer than most of us were led to

For many,  entering  college  represents the first time living on one’s own, independent of family, and being
presented with  a multitude  of new decisions,  relationships, and questions about one’s identity. Graduation
from college  represents  an entirely new level of self-discovery – from decisions about career to learning to
be financially independent to finding a partner.

The practitioners at IntrinPsych Woman are not only intimately familiar with the struggles women encounter in their
twenties, but skilled at helping clients navigate this layer of self-discovery.